Add Aquamail to new devices with the 3CX Mobile Device Manager Default group policy

Newly connected devices are automatically added to the default group and applications configured to this group, pushed out. With this in mind, we shall configure the default group policy to push out Aquamail to newly connected devices.

Default Group Add application From Repository

  1. Log in to the 3CX MDM Portal
  2. Navigate to the ‘Group Policies’ node
  3. Select the ‘Default’ Group
  4. Click the ‘Applications’ tab
  5. Click ‘Add Application’ and select ‘From repository

Add Aquamail from Repository


6. Locate and select ‘Aquamail’.
7. Click ‘Add’

Once completed, the 3CX MDM client app shall prompt all the newly connected devices to install the Aquamail client app.

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